Embmom joined: feb 2008 posts: 81 log in to post a reply sep 20, 2009 05:24 pm embmom wrote: i had alot of trouble swallowing during rads--it started about the 3rd week and got so bad it was really difficult to eat.   i also had some gastric reflux problems.   they gave me some prilosec and some sort of anestetic type stuff to drink before i ate--that was disgusting-- they did say it was unusual but that it does happen during rads.   she did move the field abit--or at least said she did and eventually it went way after about 2 weeks. viagra coupon   funny tho--i did show up with thyroid problems about 5 months later.... Hmmm.. buy viagra canada All the docs said they didn't do anything to cause it.   well. how long does a viagra pills take to work I'm better now.    good luck... Like so many of the really aggravating se's this too shall pass!   kbugmom joined: jan 2007 posts: 15,118 log in to post a reply sep 20, 2009 05:32 pm kbugmom wrote: i had rads to spine earlier this year. I had severe esophogitios (sp? viagra no prescription ) i still have times it bothers me to eat or drink. It is only for a few bites most times. generic viagra Hang in there. viagra vs kamagra side effects Desdemona22… joined: dec 2008 posts: 766 log in to post a reply sep 20, 2009 06:23 pm desdemona222b wrote: acid reflux definitely causes difficulty swallowing. viagra jet lag economist   i have it really bad - if you suffer from a lot of heartburn you should see your doctor as heartburn can cause esophogeal cancer. buy generic viagra online Diagnosis: 11/17/2001, dcis, <1cm, stage 0, grade 3, 0/0 nodes, er+/pr-, her2+ nanabolini joined: may 2009 posts: 58 log in to post a reply oct 20, 2009 07:02 am nanabolini wrote: i still have the problem although it isn't any worse.   i'm seeing my doc next week and hope she has some answers. how long does a viagra pills take to work   thank you for responding.   it helps a lot to know you're not alone. Diagnosis: 4/13/2009, idc, <1cm, stage i, grade 2, 0/7 nodes, er-/pr-, her2- kbeck56 joined: nov 2009 posts: 3 log in to post a reply nov 10, 2009 08:32 pm kbeck56 wrote: i don't have trouble swallowing but i do have a very annoying lump in my throat. how long does a viagra pills take to work I first noticed it during chemo. It came and went. Then on my very first radiation treatment it came back that evening. The radiologist said it was not a side effect because the treatment was for my breast and not near the throat area. I beg to differ because of when it started. I finished my 35 treatments on oct. 14th and still have the lump in my throat. At this point i think it is caused more from stress than anything else. Just because i'm wondering if it is serious! Spunkygirl carlisle, pa joined: sep 2006 posts: 1,449 log in to post a reply nov 10, 2009 09:17 pm spunkygirl wrote: i could be totally out of my mind, but i think the difficulty swallowing is a long-term side effect o. generic viagra without prescription
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