Computerized tomography (ct) follow us intranet intranet home overview   contraindictions & screening   patient preparation   contrast studies   3d/dental study   lung cancer screening ct   ct arthrography   helical ct for renal calculus overview computerized tomography (ct) uses a combination of x-ray techniques and computer technology to provide highly detailed images of internal structures. best generic viagra usa buy viagra The ct scanner uses an x-ray source similar to that used to obtain ordinary chest x-rays, however, the x-ray beam is so tightly focused that portions of the body outside of the scanned region get relatively little x-ray exposure. generic viagra online The ct scanner acquires multiple thin “slices” through the portion of the body requested. female viagra research Depending on the part of the body scanned, between 20 and m separate slices will be generated. can you buy viagra over the counter Most studies are completed within about 5 to 10 minutes. cheap generic viagra The acquired information is processed by a computer and then made available to the radiologist for interpretation. viagra price in mumbai The results are then sent to the referring physician. viagra samples free online Ct contraindications & screening patients who are pregnant or could be pregnant will have to discuss with their referring physician and one of our radiologists whether or not they should have this exam. best results viagra viagra For certain ct studies, the use of intravenous dye (contrast) is required. viagra samples free online Patients meeting the conditions listed below will need to have their bun and creatinine (blood test) measured before they can be scanned. viagra without a doctor prescription Patients that are: over 70 years of age diabetic have chronic kidney disease – including nephrectomy patients long-term daily users of nephrotoxic medicines including nsaids (aleve, advil, motrin, anaprox, naprosyn). viagra safe take daily Receiving or have received chemotherapy within the last 6 months – if taking platinol and cisplatin, bloodwork must be drawn within 1 week of the ct scan multiple myeloma patients all tests for these patients must be performed during the 6-weeks prior to the scheduled ct exam. Where to buy viagra online no prescription Patients currently receiving platinol and cisplatin will need to take the renal function tests within one week of the exam. viagra for sale for women Patients with renal failure undergoing dialysis do not require renal function tests. viagra without the prescription fast Patient preparation there is usually no preparation required unless the ct scan is of the abdomen or pelvis. Viagra generic cost For those studies, the patient must obtain two doses of oral contr. viagra and cialis for sale generico viagra ems funciona viagra gold coast