The Room at Skull Club:

We're looking for a new room mate.

We are seeking someone who is responsible,  respectful and  able to handle the financial aspect of living here.

While there is great space and lots of sharing here, this is neither a commune nor a party house. Both of us work, often and hard, as well  as being working artists. In doing so, we find it immensely rewarding to enjoy our own time in these luxurious surroundings.

We are  in the center of the St. Claude and St. Roch Art District.

One can  enjoy dining out, live music and the local bar scene at many & various locations within just a few blocks, and some without even crossing the street.

This is a second story flat. The space for rent is
a fully furnished room, 12 by 15 feet, with a 16 foot ceiling.
Includes a window AC unit, refrigerator, and queen sized bed.
There's one shared bathroom, complete with a claw foot tub.
There are cooking facilities behind the bar.

While every reasonable offer will be considered, we would prefer a long term  roommate. Those application will get first consideration.

Rent is $800 a month, with a deposit of $800.
All utilities, wifi, and free use of washer and dryer, are included.

Sorry, no pets.

For interview or more information, contact us at:   

Amoir & Fan
Bed 1
Bed & Fridge
Bed 2
Room With Entrance
Street Side
Diagnol Table
Diagnal Bar
To Stage